CHIN JET Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is mainly engaged in environmental impact assessment, water pollution, air pollution, waste disposal, 
soil and groundwater pollution assessment and prevention planning, design, licensing applications, and professional legal advisors. , 
is a chartered environmental engineering technical advisory body for the Public Works Committee.
  In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the pattern of environmental pollution has become more and more complicated. However, 
the public's requirements for environmental quality have become increasingly strict, and traditional environmental engineering technology has been unable to 
meet social needs. The Company has surpassed the barriers of traditional engineering boundaries and integrated professional technical fields such 
as environmental engineering, electrical machinery and construction to form a planning, design, construction and operation management capability, 
respectively in waste (sewage) water treatment and sewer systems, Waste treatment technology, fixed pollution source prevention, soil and groundwater remediation, 
environmental impact assessment and environmental ecological construction, etc., and will be able to introduce or develop international and 
domestic important environmental issues, policies to promote the required technologies, and expand operations. The project and the deepening of the scope of 
services will enhance the environmental protection level and implement the concepts of "clean production, green consumption" to achieve the goal of 
"sustainable development".